• Adventures

    The perfect camper to take your adventure to the next level!

  • Affordable

    Capri Camper is the most affordable, quality camper on the road.

  • Lightweight

    One of the lightest campers on the market.

  • Custom

    We can custom build our campers for any size truck bed.

  • Hand made since 1969

    Every camper is built by hand from the ground up.

  • Enjoyable

    Capri Campers allow for the best vacation you've ever had!

  • Go sightseeing

    Traveling in a Capri Camper is the perfect way to see the country.

  • Mid-size

    We build all of our campers to fit mid-size trucks as well as full size trucks.

Camper Classic or Classic Camper?

Either way, our 2017 vintage campers are legendary!

Welcome to Capri Camper, we’re glad you found us! If you’ve been looking for a unique truck camper that does not fit the truck camper stereotype then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve been building America’s #1 selling Rodeo Camper since 1969! And now our classic campers are catching on all over the United States!! This year we’ve sold campers to customers in 49 of the 50 states plus Canada and Taiwan!

No assembly line, no factory and no, we’re not building RVs in Indiana like everyone else.

Every Capri Camper is custom built by hand from the ground up, right here in Texas. No other camper looks like a Capri and no other camper manufacturer provides our level of personal service from your first phone call until the day your new custom camper is installed.

This is what sets Capri Campers apart from all the others:

  • Best camper value in its class
  • Lightest camper in its class
  • The same classic, vintage look for 48 years
  • Custom built from the ground-up in Texas since 1969
  • Unmatched personal service from first contact to delivery
  • Capri Campers provide a simple, safe, stress free camping experience
  • America’s #1 selling Rodeo Camper for 48 years

2017 Capri Campers come in two base models:

Retreat (cab-over, 6’ 4” standing height, 55” cab-over)

Cowboy (non-cab-over, 5’ standing height, the perfect sleeper)

Both models are built to fit FOUR truck bed sizes:

8’ long bed, 6 ½’ short bed, 5 ½’ short bed and now a custom camper to fit mid-sized trucks like Toyota Tacoma (see specs inside).

Not only do Capri Campers have a vintage look, the whole process is like going back to a time when you loved doing business with your neighbor. It’s simple, straight forward and someone is always here ready to help.

Ordering a custom Capri Camper is easy. Don’t sweat the details…

We have simplified our website so you should find it easy to navigate. We have added a photo gallery of recent camper deliveries to help you visualize interiors and exteriors, plus we have added pricing to help you build the perfect camper. Once you settle on your perfect camper give us a call (or email) and we will complete the process and get your camper started. We request 25% down to begin construction, the balance is paid at the time of installation. We are currently running at a 6-8 week lead time for new camper construction and we will send photos to you while your camper is being built.

Capri does not offer financing, however tell your local bank or credit union that every new Capri Camper comes with a unique metal vehicle identification number (VIN) plate in the door jam and we do provide a title with every new camper. (In most states (40 out of 50), our campers do not require registration). We will also prepare the formal MSRP paperwork to give to your bank. (Capri Campers will be included in the national NADA Book soon). Your local bank should finance a new Capri Camper with that information.

We’ve had three consecutive record sales years in a row and 2017 is shaping up to be our best year ever! Give us a call and let us build you the perfect custom camper!