Back-up cameras

Even though most people remove or drop their tailgate once their new camper is installed, you don’t have to give up your backup camera. If you have a factory backup camera in your truck’s tailgate, you can order that exact camera from your truck dealership parts department by giving them the last 8 digits of your truck’s VIN #. Be sure to order the camera and the wiring harness (sometimes an additional jumper wire is required). Your factory backup camera plugs in right under your truck’s bumper. With a new factory camera you will need to locate a spot on your bumper, truck or camper where you can secure the new camera and still have enough harness to plug it in under your bumper. Once plugged in, it will activate your factory monitoring system and work like it did before. Remember that it should be mounted as close to center as possible in the rear of your truck so that the camera images will match the grid pattern on your video system.

If you want to add a wireless camera to the back of your camper, it will need to connect to a power source (wire). Just let us know before production begins and we can run a power wire to the location you select on the back wall. We will mark the spot and you can fish the wire out when the time comes to mount and install your new wireless camera. There are dozens of digital wireless backup camera options, we will be happy to make the camper “backup camera ready” if you ask us to.