Bunk beds – hinges or planks?

Long bed Retreat campers have room for upper and lower bunk beds along the passenger wall. Short bed Retreats with no inside shower also allow room for bunk beds. We offer two bunk options…we can add hinges to the top bunk so that it can lift and lock up into the ceiling when not in use. This is handy, but it covers the passenger wall window when up in the locked position. Hinged bunks also eliminate upper cabinets on the passenger wall and eliminate the option of hanging a TV on the back of the shower wall (or back wall). The bunk plank option is a sturdy plank that rests in a 3-sided groove to support the upper bed. A lot of folks like this option because the plank is removable. If you are planning a trip and don’t need the extra bed, just remove the plank from the camper and there is no more interference. With this option the plank is either in or out, there are no hinges to lift and lock the upper bed. With an upper bed plank, there is room for upper cabinets on that passenger wall and a small TV can be mounted on the back wall above the upper bed.