Propane heaters, are they safe?

Capri uses a Camco brand catalytic propane heater (Wave-3 or Wave-6). The propane heater is a radiant heat unit that works really well in the small interior of the camper.  The Fantastic Fan and propane heater can both work with battery power and your camper’s propane bottle. Any time the heater is on, please have a window cracked or your vent open to let fresh air into the camper.  The heaters should never emit LP gas, but they do gradually deplete the oxygen supply if there is no fresh air.  The motorized (12v) Fan  forces air into the camper or out of the camper. With windows open it creates a lot of air flow inside the camper.  In even the coldest extreme outside, the propane heater in conjunction with the Fan can regulate the heat and make for a comfortable, safe environment.  All of our campers have a CO/LP gas alarm inside.