Dedicated battery & electrical power center

All Capri Campers will have a dedicated battery that includes a converter/charger.  This means your camper is no longer drawing power from your truck battery.  Every time your truck turns on or you plug-in to shore power (or generator) your camper battery is being charged.  This dedicated battery will power all of the 12 volt features in your camper (like lights, fan & water pump).  During installation the camper will plug into your truck’s factory 7-pin receptacle on your truck bumper (or in the truck bed).

• Each camper has a 30-amp power plug inlet, allowing better power distribution
• Provides a more efficient charging system in 3 stages: Normal mode (nominal battery charge and supplies power to appliances). Bulk mode (fast battery charge & supplies power to appliances). Float mode (trickle battery charge during storage).