Trap door/turnbuckle installation vs traditional bolt down

This is our favorite way to install your camper.  Each of our campers will have four heavy duty hooks mounted under the wings of the camper (2 on each side) and there will be four access trap doors below each hook.  After the camper is on your truck, you will be able to reach inside a trap door with a turnbuckle, hook above to the camper hook and then below directly to a hook mounted in your truck bed. Tighten the turnbuckles to secure your camper, loosen and unhook to remove the camper from your truck. We will install the four hooks in your truck bed using four small heavy duty eye bolts, plus washers and nut and a heavy duty steel plate that mounts under the truck bed out of sight.  For those that rarely or never plan to take their camper off the truck, we can easily bolt the camper to your truck bed using four 6” long hex bolts that are easy to ratchet out of the floor.