When we say “Custom Camper” what do we mean?

We offer two truck camper models, one cab-over (Retreat) and one non-cab-over (Cowboy).
When we say “custom camper”, we mean that you may select any upgrade and/or option from our list of options, choose your interior, colors & stripes, plus fabrics and colors of your cushions & shades. We will build the camper, by hand from the ground-up, exactly like you want it, using the components we offer.

Our camper “base model” gives you a finished, empty camper, complete with all electrical, lighting, battery, 12v electric fan, cabinets and mattress. From there, you simply tell us what you want in and on your camper and we will build it to your order. It’s kinda like ordering a pizza, start with the crust (pick a model) and then tell us the ingredients you want and we will build it to your order.
Yes, we can re-arrange floor plans to help things fit, add or subtract cabinets, shelving & counter tops but we are not willing to alter the external look of our campers.
To be clear, we are not offering to build a unique, specially designed, one-off custom truck camper sketched out to fit your truck or flat-bed. So if you are wanting a unique camper creation, very sorry we are not able to help you with that.

All new standard equipment in each new 2019 Capri Camper
• Dedicated battery system
• New electrical power center
• 30-amp power plug on back wall of camper (used to be the standard 15/20 amp 3-prong plug).
• Passenger wall “escape window”
• Fantastic Fan (motorized vent fan in the ceiling)
• 50th anniversary emblem