Winterizing your Capri Camper

Winterizing your Capri Camper

If your camper has a water tank and/or hot water heater and you are preparing for freezing temperatures this winter, here are suggestions for winterizing your camper.

To Winterize Your Camper with RV Anti-freeze:

1) Drain the water out of your water tank by turning on your sink faucet and/or your shower. It’s OK if a trace of water remains.
2) Be sure to turn on your hot water heater and drain that too.
3) Add at least a gallon or more of RV anti-freeze by using a funnel and using the water tank fill on the side of the camper.
4) Turn on the water heater, give it a few seconds, then turn on the hot water faucet at both sink and shower until pink antifreeze flows through, then turn faucet off. Do the same with cold water.
5) Be sure all faucets are closed. Checks for any leaks in the system.
6) The goal is to have antifreeze flow through all of your water lines, your water heater, pump and your water tank to prevent the water from freezing anywhere in your system.

When we winterize campers for transport we prefer to blow out the water line to make sure there isn’t any water in the line to freeze.

To Winterize your camper by blowing out the water line:

1) You need an air compressor and an attachment called a “blow-out” plug (they are $4-5 at Home Depot).
2) First drain all of the water out of the water tank by turning on the sink and/or shower. Drain the hot water heater as well.
3) Leave all of the faucets in the “on” position and attach the blow-out plug to the city water fill on the outside of the camper (it attaches like a garden hose).
4) Turn on the air and let it blow out all remaining water from the lines. This should take about a minute and you will hear it when the lines are free from any remaining water.