Used 2021 Cowboy Mid-Size

This camper is for a mid-size truck, Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier, etc. Camper includes: Fantastic Fan, hand pump sink, manual jacks, propane heater and blackout shades. Bed/mattress is 43″x76″. Camper is 78″ long. $9,995 + $395 (installation) + $701 (tax) = $11,091

Demo 2022 Lone Star

Camper includes: 175W solar panel, stainless steel sink basin, ARB fridge/freezer (47L), GoalZero 1000x power station, manual jacks, table/cushions and blackout shades. (Camper has single pane windows) This camper and the appliances are brand new and were only used for test/show purposes. $18,995 + $395 (install) + $1,309 (tax) = $20,699