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Mid-size cabover camper weighs-in at 825 lbs (base model), designed to fit any mid-size pickup with a 6’ truck bed, including Tacoma, Frontier, Colorado, etc.

What separates Lone Star Junior from all other truck campers?

  • Full-size Lone Star was voted Truck Camper Magazine’s Best Truck Camper of the Year for 2022
  • All-purpose, all-season camper under 1,000 lbs built for small trucks  
  • The lightest, best-constructed camper on the market
  • Capri Campers have been built by hand from the ground-up since 1969
  • Passes every test in all climates for the past 54 years
  • One model only, base price is $16,995 
  • Choice of 10 accessory options
  • 825 lbs dry weight (base model)
  • Solar powered, sits & sleeps 2-adults, portable accessories
  • Simple retractable ratchet strap attachment system making installation & removal a breeze
  • Same distinctive, vintage quilted aluminum look for 54 years

2024 Junior base price:  $16,995

Base camper model includes all of this standard equipment:

  • Your choice of exterior colors and stripes
  • Your choice of interior wood grain panels (weathered cedar, pine or Azdel)
  • 175-watt Renogy flexible solar panel mounted on roof
  • Fantastic Fan in the ceiling
  • Stainless sink basin & drain
  • External propane cabinet (storage if no heater inside)
  • Cabinets with cargo netting
  • 45” X 76” cab-over sleeper with heavy foam mattress
  • “Lagun” adjustable table (sit down/lay down area, when table is down, the lower bed will be 22” X 76” )
  • Custom cushions
  • Custom blackout shades
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Exterior LED running lights and solar porch light
  • Two windows in cabover sleeper, 2 windows in main cabin (includes escape window) all four are standard RV windows have screens
  • Back door with screen and opaque glass window
  • Acrylic & chrome back door handle
  • Magnetic doorstop
  • CO-LP gas detector, smoke alarm & fire extinguisher
  • Flat 4-pin plug-in to factory trailer hitch plug for camper running lights
  • Install kit: retractable ratchet straps

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