Why Choose a Capri Camper?

Camper Classic or Classic Camper?
Either way, our vintage campers are legendary!

What sets Capri Campers apart from all others?

  • Best camper value in its class
  • Lightest camper in its class
  • Custom built from the ground up in Texas since 1969
  • Unmatched personal service from first contact to delivery
  • Capri Campers provide a simple, safe, stress free camping experience
  • America’s #1 selling Rodeo Camper for 47 years and expanding quickly into the great outdoors with custom campers for hunters, fishermen and anyone looking to spend the weekend out on the open road, or turn their truck into a mobile working environment.

Don’t sweat the details…

Ordering your new custom camper is easy. Call or email us with any questions or for further discussion. We request 25% down to begin construction, the balance is paid at the time of installation. It generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete construction. We will send photos to you while your camper is being built.

Capri does not offer financing, however tell your local bank or credit union that every new Capri Camper comes with a unique metal vehicle identification number (VIN) plate in the door jam and we do provide a clean title with every new camper. (In most states, our campers do not require registration). We will also prepare the formal MSRP paperwork to give to your bank. (Capri Campers will be included in the national NADA Book soon) Almost every bank will finance a new Capri Camper with that information.

Sales contact: Pete D’Acosta
254-728-3226 (940-867-1882 cell)

Sales contact: Tyson D’Acosta
254-728-3226 (940-867-1884 cell)